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I own and fly an Air Creation Kiss 400 Buggy which I bought in March 2009.

The manufacturer is French and there are not many of these flexwing microlights in the UK, however they are gaining popularity rapidly.

My microlight G-CBLX an Air Creation Kiss 400 Buggy

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G-CBLX (her registration), which I hereby give the nickname “red sparrow“, is a two seater flexwing microlight. (Flexwing refers to the hanglider style wing, the other type of microlight is “fixed wing” and they look more like conventional aeroplanes).

She’s comfortable, cruises along at around 60mph and carries more than enough fuel for me to need to land for a pee before she runs out and lands for me ! So, quite capable of taking me on both local jaunts and longer cross country or even cross channel trips. For solo flight the back seat is removable and a storage bag folds out where you can stash maps/sandwiches/jacket etc. However I’m also having a storage pod added under the engine at the back so I can carry a tent and clothes etc and do some real touring.

What’s it like? I’ve heard them described as being “like a motorbike in the sky”. I’m not a biker, but it sounds aboiut right to me! Ask me for a ride or get yourself a trial flight at your local microlight school.

I’m sure you have many questions and many readers will have heard many myths about microlighting being dangerous too. Well, it might have been back in the 70s, but not now. Driving to the airfield is more risky! Please have a look at this link to an excellent page which answers many common questions on microlighting.

For more detail on diferent types of microlight and other excellent information on the pastime see

More details on “red sparrow”….

Flight is controlled by :

  • foot throttle / hand throttle
  • hand choke
  • foot stearing and foot brakes on the ground
  • control bar to move the wing in pitch and roll

Instrumentation includes:

  • ASI Air Speed Indicator
  • Vertical Speed Indicator
  • Altimeter
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauges
  • Oil temperature gauge
  • Rev counter (RPM)

Additional equipment:

  • Portable airband radio – for talking to air traffic control when I need to
  • A GPS navigation unit which shows airspace and mapping to help me if I get lost !
  • Not yet but maybe soon, a strobe light to make me more visible in poor weather.

Trike unit:

Length 2.95m nose to tip
Span 10.2m
Height 3.57m
Wing area 13.34 m/sq
Nose angle 130 degrees
Aspect ratio 7.5
Undercarriage track width 1.7m
Undercarriage wheel base 1.6m
Fuel capacity 60 litres (upgraded option - standard is 38)
Fuel unleaded petrol or avgas mixed with 2 stroke oil
Tyre pressure 32 psi
Cross wind limit (take-off and land) 15 kts


Stall speed 34 mph (55 kph)
VNE (‘never exceed’ speed) 87 mph (140 kph)
Max straight and level speed 85 mph (137 kph)
VA (Cruise speed) 59 mph (95 kph)
Take-off run 200 feet (60 metres)
Best climb speed 47 mph (75 kph)
Climb Rate AUW (All Up Weight) 600 feet/min (3 m/s or 180 m/min)
Recommended approach speed 50 mph (80 kph)
Best L/D ratio 8.5 (forward 8.5 feet = down 1 foot)
Best L/D speed 47 mph (75 kph)
Cross wind limit (take-off and land) 15 kts
Max all up weight 400 Kg


Type Rotax 582 aircraft engine: 2-cylinder, 2-stroke, rotary valve, oil-in-fuel (or oil-injected lubrication – not on mine), dual carburetors, electronic dual ignition
Bore 76mm (2.99in)
Stroke 64mm (2.52in)
Displacement 580.7 cm cubed (35.44 cu in)
Dry weight 59Kg (130lb) with electric starter, carburetors, fuel pump, air filters and reduction gear
Fuel type premium unleaded: RON 90 octane or higher leaded or unleaded or AVGAS 100 LL
Oil system oil-in-fuel (pre-mix) or oil injection
Cooling system liquid cooled
Performance 48 kW 64.4 HP SAE @ 6500 RPM 1-minute
Compression Ratio 11.5 (theoretical) – 5.75 effective

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"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,
for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." -- Leonardo da Vinci

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