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Guest post by fairywishes:

I thought I’d write a introduction blog post about being a passenger on Red Sparrow for FlyUK.

Fly UK 2011 is from Friday June 16th to Sunday June 27th. We are starting at Boston Linconshire and finishing at Eshott Northumberland.

What is FlyUK? http://deepfreeze.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/fly-uk/

It’s basically a group of microlighters (70 this year) who try (weather dependant) to fly round the UK, depending on the speed of your aircraft, the route you are on and the weather this could include John O’Groats, Lands End, N Ireland, Isle of Wight, Lundy, and around most of the coast line of Britain, we’re looking forward to popping in & out of the Scottish Westen Isles. Most pilots (and us) take a tent and plan to stay next to or near to our plane.

Click here to see a google map showing where all the aircraft currently are (or where they last updated from anyway !)

We are Ian G-CBLX (red sparrow)

(ps, if any appear to be in the North sea, dont worry, it just means google didn’t have a place by the name reported!)

We are raising money for ‘Children with Leukemia‘ , please click to donate.  If you do donate it would be great if you let us know.

I’ll also make sure I tweet about it on @fairywishes and I’m sure Ian will on @multimedian

More information on how I’m finding it etc are on the next blog.

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