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    Kev Says:

    I like the site, very nice. If only I had one as good!!!

  2. 2
    Mark G-MWZP Says:

    Great website good stories to pass a wet weekend.. hope to meet you one suny day.. may the wind be always at your tail my brother of the wing….. Safe flying

  3. 3
    Danny Davies Says:

    many thanks really enjoyed your tales,wish I was 10 years younger to participate in your sport.May apply for a ppl(m) this year, before my 71st birthday.A very professional, interesting tales and musings.Please call into Margam airstrip if passing this way.Best wishes Dan

  4. 4
    multimedian Says:


    thanks for your nice comment.
    I enjoy writing up my tales and storing memories, but it’s even better to hear others enjoy my writings !

    Go see your local microlight club Danny, 71 is no bar to you !

    Ian G-CBLX

    ps will drop into Margam sometime

  5. 5
    Elly Says:

    I hope I’m not expected to remember all the ‘Red Sparrows’ spec. I find your ramblings interesting too. Hope that I can have another flight soon. Need a new photo with the luggage pod fitted.

    I like the site – easy to find my way around – it works well :o )

  6. 6
    Dexter (7yrs old) Says:

    I think that your plane is the smallest plane I have ever seen! But it was really good when I saw you flying all around England and Wales on your Video. I wish I could go on a plane when I am older and I wish I could go all around the World in the Red Sparrow.

    By dexter

  7. 7
    multimedian Says:

    Hi Dexter! Thankyou for your comment. It is a small aircraft isnt it, its very light too! Im glad you enjoyed my website and videos, I shall make some more soon. Maybe one day you can try flying too. Thanks, Ian

  8. 8
    Rick Says:


    I sent you an e-mail from Australia on 15/12/2010 BUT got no reply.

    Just wondering if you received it.

    Thanks Rick.

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