Afetrnoon flight to White Waltham

The clubhouse and bar in wodden huts at White Waltham

The clubhouse and bar in wodden huts at White Waltham

Sunday 1st of August 2010 was a lovely day, light winds and little cloud in the sky, so I took an afternoon bimble flight from Kemble along the M4 to White Waltham, just beneath the outer edge of London Heathrow CTA.

White Waltham is a great historical airfield. It’s like stepping back in time. There are old wooden “nissen” hut style buildings, housing the bar and clubhouse etc. Outside you will find many old bi-planes being lovingly tended.

Take a visit, sit on the seats on the white picket fenced lawn area outside the bar and watch the world go by like it’s 1930.

"Red Sparrow" G-CBLX at White Waltham
“Red Sparrow” G-CBLX at White Waltham with aircraft behind


The West London Aero club website has more details. Do read the information before flying there, you don’t want to infringe and the Eastern half of the White Waltham ATZ is within the London Control Area Class A airspace.

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