Enjoying tea at Wellesbourne Mountford

II’m at Wellesbourne with Elly.  Nice flight here from Kemble in G-CBLX. Update later!

(edit) Back home and months later !…..

We had a nice flight up to Wellesbourne Mountford airport (few miles East of Stratford Upon Avon). It was a lovely clear sunny March afternoon, we left around 1420 and spent 55 mins in the air on the outbound leg.

At Wellesbourne there is a nice cafe serving a mix of snacks from bacon butties to sandwiches etc and cold/hot drinks. The cafe doors open onto wooden decking with views of the taxiway and runway, a nice place to sit and chill on a pleasant afternoon. There is normally quite a bit of activity.

Wellesbourne also has a museum, which I have not been to yet but it looks interesting from walking by. There is also a based Vulcan undergoing restoration/preservation.

Have a look at their website for more information and even if you are passing by as they have a LIVE weather page and even a controllable webcam so you can see for yourself !

It’s an airfield I’ve been to a few times before, the last time however was in Paul Hills Tanarg when I was getting to grips with it prior to flying on Fly-Uk with him in it. Since then of course I got the Air Creation bug and have my own Kiss 400 now.

Anyway, Elly and I enjoyed a sandwich and tea (well I think Elly had seen better tea!) and we watched the activities for a while before mooching off home.

The return leg was against the wind and took 1hr 20mins but we did do some bimbling off route including a lap or two around the fire service training college at Moreton-In-Marsh, very interesting from the air, multiple fake buildings, motorways etc etc for training.

Altogether a good afternoon out.  I reccomend Wellesbourne for a visit, always lively there and quite central so often not far off route on longer days out either.

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