Flight to Flylight and Luggage Box fitted

10th October I flew to Northampton Sywell airfield to the home of Flylight who are the dealer for Air Creation aircraft in the UK.

I’m writing this report some months afterwards so can’t recall much of the trip except that the weather was nice. The outbound leg took me 2 hours and 50 minutes, about 20 of which was on the ground.

After waiting a shor while for Paul Dewhurst who was whizzing about in the sky with a student he duly landed and ambled over to say hello.

I’d previously orderd a shiny new luggage pod for G-CBLX and he was expecting me to arrive so he could fit it for me.

“Morning Ian” he said, “mmmm, your microlight is Red” he said looking bemused.

“Yes I said”

“Mmmm, the pod they sent me is yellow” he said with a grin.

Anyway, we sized it up and had a look, fortunatly I have a big yellow panel on the wing underside and actually it works quite well with the yellow pod !

We did a deal, they’d fit it for free to make up for the colour error. Fair play. Flylight are very very good on customer service. Thankyou.

So, a coupleof hours later after a little re-routing of some wires, my new box was fitted :-)

G-CBLX new luggage pod

Shiny new luggage pod for G-CBLX

I’d now be able to fly with apassenger and stick tools and tent etc in the pod. Great for summer and Fly UK.

The return flight was 2 hours with the wind in my favour this time.

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