“Red Sparrow” is back and flying the nest

Well, I collected Red Sparrow from Galaxy microlights a little over a week ago. Mark has done a cracking job, all tidy and he explained all the charges and work done too. I would reccomend Galaxy Microlights.

Last weekend I didnt get much more done than re-rig the trike and wing after trailering the trike back to Kemeys Commander. Alas the hangar is now fuller after my 4 week absence and a lot of time was spent shuffling other aircraft and a large truck about. I didnt get time to run the engine and then the weather was poor all week.

However, Saturday was nice so I headed over to the airfield and gave the trike a thorough check over, re-torqued the prop bolts and ran the engine for about 30 mins getting it up to temp, doing some fast taxis, checking the Ts&Ps etc. All seemed fine so off I roared into the air for a couple of circuits, not straying too far still a little nervous after all the whole engine had been in bits and you never know !

All was fine so after a short stop on the ground I headed off to my old airfield Kemble.

En route I tuned into Filton Radar to listen out for other traffic and heard them talking to a C130 Hercules out of Lyneham, it was doing some general handling over the Severn Bridges. It’s always worth listening in, I was 2 miles from the bridges and heading for them so sure enough saw the “herc” doing some manouvres but he turned back towards home before I got over the estuary and bid Filton goodbye.

Not long after I was flying over the quarries near the M5, the water in the bottoms shining back bright blue refecting the sky. Soon I could see Kemble and Aston Down. There were a number of gliders circling in the area. Tuning into 118.9 for Kemble Information it was clear they were busy, a couple in the circuit, a couple joining to land, one departing who soon passed below me toward Bristol.

I called in after orbiting near Tetbury awaiting a gap in traffic and soon was entering the zone and overhead at 2000ft for a dead side descent and join for 26 hard.

Once on the ground I asked for parking at Woodside hangars so i could pop into my old base Kemble Flying Club. It was nice being “home” after a few months since I left and got my own microlight and moved to kemeys Commander.

I enjoyed a coffee and natter with some friends and had a chat with KFC owner David and made some decisions. I’m moving back to Kemble. Kemeys is nice but too full now, not secure, not as weatherproof and I miss the constant busy flying of Kemble and its facilities.

After coffee it was getting ominoulsy dark and cloudy and rainy looking out West towards the bridges so I got airborne. It was definately raining that way so i left the circuit promplty with a right turn out off 26 and headed North cuttin past Aston Down. I got a light sprinkling but avoided the worst by flying up to the edge of Gloucester and over the S bends in the Severn before tracking down the Welsh coastline.

Back in the Usk valley it was nice weather and I encountered 2 hot air balloons very close to the airstrip, I joined overhead to look at the windsock but had to descend on the live side of the circuit due to the balloons. no other traffic though.

Back on the ground I spent an hour moving two aircraft out of the hangar in the tight space available, mine in, those two back in etc. I’ve since learnt there will be another fixed wing too shortly and I’d be behind 3 of them but with only space in the yard to put two out there. Not sure how that will work !  I’ve made the right decision and look forward to getting involved with KFC again, this time with my own aircraft, it’s going to be fun.

Oh yes, Red Sparrow running great on it’s serviced engine. :-)

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"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,
for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." -- Leonardo da Vinci

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