GM share selling

Hi Dick,


(group FYI , Steve in =


Please see the email below which Steve Pike =
sent to me having heard you might be purchasing my share in GM. =

He left you out of its circulation and as =
such I’ve taken some time pondering on whether to send this out. =
However, whether you buy my share or not is a matter between you and I =
and as such I didn’t appreciate an external party intervening in =
our business and certainly not in doing so behind your back. =

So, I share his email with all (see =
below)  in the interests of transparency and the belief that =
whether you are a potential or current owner of a GM share, one should =
be fully informed of any matters surrounding it.


To clarify the situation, with regard to =
your purchasing a GM share Dick and undertaking any necessary =


1)      =
When I announced I intended to sell my =
share, I was promptly advised by Peter that no “ab-initio” =
training would be carried out on GM and that I would need to sell to a =
licenced pilot. I took that to indicate that ab-initio training was =
precluded in some way. However, I subsequently checked the shareholder =
agreement finding that training is allowed and is not limited to post =
qualification training. I also confirmed this with other group members. =
Indeed at the time of Peters advice I understand that our group chair =
was a pre-qualified trainee flying GM herself. I’m also advised =
several GM group members bought in whilst training. =


2)      =
With regard to Steves description of you as =
“basically ab-intio”:  Well, when Peter trained me I =
had a lapsed licence, it was about 3 years since I’d converted =
from flexwing to fixed wing on a C42 and I only had about 10 hours under =
my belt from 2 years previous.  I would think that made me more =
“basically ab-initio” than you ! You have many years of =
professional flying experience plus were indeed the youngest PPL holder =
in the UK once ! You might have a lapsed licence but you told me you =
reached the point of being ready to “solo” with Peter but =
were advised you needed to buy a share to do so. That’s seems to =
differ from “a couple of attempts” as Steve put =


So, I find Steve’s “not too =
blunt” position somewhat confusing. There will be no =
“ab-initio” training on GM due the =
“complication” involved.

However, the “complication of training =
someone in a group owned aircraft” is not an issue when the =
trainee has bought a share in a shiny new Eurostar from =


Group members, our GM shares are =
considerably cheaper than one in a new aircraft and thus might appeal to =
many potential owners such as Dick.

It seems a shame the clubs CFI / FI =
don’t welcome and encourage pilots coming to the club into non =
club aircraft as surely this can only be good for LSFC and Wycombe Air =


As I see it, despite Steve and Peter =
unfortunately refusing to train people on group owned aircraft (where =
the school has no interest), there are other options open for potential =
buyers / Dick …


1)      =
Pay LSFC to train as a non-shareholder on =
their aircraft (but not realise the benefit of ownership meaning saving =
on the cost of aircraft hire)

2)      =
Invite in a flying instructor from elsewhere =
ad-hoc? I’ve not researched this but can’t see why it =
couldn’t be explored.

3)      =
Train elsewhere?

4)      =
Take an intensive week or two with http://www.kembleflyingclub.com/ or anywhere with Eurostars (many about) and =
get your licence nailed then fly GM!

5)      =
Take a weeks intensive flying/holiday in the =
sunny Algarve as I initially did with
http://www.gerrybreen.com/ , get your licence nailed then fly GM =




All GM shareholders should be free and able =
to sell their shares to anyone they choose, within any restrictions of =
the shareholder agreement.

I think it’s also more than reasonable =
to expect that any discussion around GM shares and their potential =
buyers is exclusively within the GM group.


I sincerely hope no awkwardness is caused =
through this email, especially for you Dick, but just wanted to keep you =
and the group fairly informed.


Best regards,








From: Steve Pike =
Sent: 14 April 2017 =
To: Roger Dewell =
Cc: Ian Parker =
(Microlightpilot) <ian@microlightpilot.com>; =
Subject: RE: Flight in =


I have been in =
contact with Dick who lives in my village. I have explained the =
situation to him. Dick has had a couple of attempts at starting to learn =
to fly the Eurostar’s and I’m not sure he will ever fully =
commit. (I have taken him out of this reply)


Dick buying a =
share in GM would have always proved difficult as he is still basically =
an ab-initio, having a student in GM group would be very impractical. I =
don’t think either myself or Peter would want the complication of =
training someone in a group owned aircraft.


Once repaired any =
new shareholders should be licenced, if lapsed we can do a conversion =
but not full training.


I hope =
that’s not too blunt but best we clear the situation. The aircraft =
repairs will probably take a couple of months, we are now waiting for =
the insurance assessor to approve the =



t regards Steve Pike
(Instructor, =
Contact Tel. No.: 07746373637


Light Sport Flying Club & School, (LSFC) Wycombe Air Park =
BMAA and CAA approved instructors. NPPL =

The information contained in this communication =
(including any attachments) is confidential. If you have received this =
email in error please notify the sender immediately and delete its =
contents. LSFC is not a registered company and is not VAT registered, =
all advice and comments are given in good faith E&OE

Light =
Sport Aviation Limited (LSALtd) is run as a separate company providing =
spares, repairs and new aircraft, operating from Wycombe Air Park. Steve =
Pike who runs LSFC is also a director of LSA Ltd. w=


From: Roger Dewell =
] =

Sent: 13 April 2017 18:43
To: =
Cc: Ian Parker =
Subject: Flight in =


Dear =


Ian has let me =
know that you have both been discussing his share in the Eurostar. =
 I have been expecting to give you a flight in GM for some time =
now, in order to help to move the sale of his share onward, as clearly =
he has not been getting any benefit from it for quite some time. =
 To that end, two weeks ago I managed to get a very pleasant flight =
in for two hours, and was all set last Saturday afternoon (7th Apr) to =
get a few more landings in to ensure that I was current enough to take =
passengers.  I therefore booked the aircraft for Saturday afternoon =
that day.


Just before =
leaving for the airfield, however, I received a phone call from one of =
the other share owners who had been flying in the morning, saying that =
he had had a hard landing which had damaged the nose wheel and that =
unfortunately the aircraft would have to be grounded.  Even more =
unfortunately, I am now told that the aircraft is more seriously damaged =
than first thought and it will have to be grounded for some time in =
order for repairs to be undertaken.


I’m not =
aware of the full picture.  I’m sure that Steve P would be =
able to fill you in on the details, but I did want to make contact Dick =
to say that, despite almost being at the stage of being able to give you =
a first flight, fate has since taken a hand, and it won’t be possible =
for a while.  


I would be =
happy to help out in the future – just as soon as it becomes possible =


In the =
meantime, I hope you have a good Easter week-end, and that we’ll =
be able to meet up again before long.


Best =



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